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The funny thing about the realm we live in, is that there are solutions to all of the problems we face.

These solutions are often blatantly obvious, but often they don’t get implemented fast enough or at all…

But it looks like the current consumer demand for sustainability, is now providing a window of opportunity for exponential transformation.

One of these transformative solutions is in the fields of virtual reality and robotics.

We already know that the military industrial complex, uses drones to operated them virtually, from a distance.

But what if we start using this technology for constructive purposes, instead of destructive purposes?

Let’s take just two examples: flying drones for reforestation and land drones for garbage cleanup.

In the case of flying drones for reforestation, people could pay to get access to flying such drones over distant locations, while the drones plant saplings in deforested areas along the way.

Imaging sitting at an airport, waiting for your flight to leave, with a few hours to ‘kill.’
Instead of reading the often meaningless posts on Facebook and Instagram, you could log in to one of the drones and fly in real time across areas on this planet, that you would otherwise never get to see.

At the same time, the drone would make the occasional decent, to insert a tree sapling into the ground.
You’d be helping reforestation, while seeing new areas of our beautiful planet. 

The platform would have to have certain boundaries of course, to protect the drones from being used irresponsibly and safeguarding that the overall positive contribution to the collective, outweighs the detrimental effects of such activities.

We could even make this real life ‘game’ more interactive, by challenging the ‘players’ to increase their skills and give them more freedom and more challenging missions as they improve.

There are millions of kids playing war games at any moment and their investments in doing so, have little benefit for the good. By reinventing the platforms that are already operational, we could be transforming the gaming industry, into a force for exponential restoration. 

In the case of land drones, people could pay to get access to such drones for all kinds of good causes.
Let’s say we’d have land drones, with solar exoskeletons, that can work autonomously for most of the day.

Instead of watching several hours of mediocre movies on Netflix, you could log into one of the land drones and walk on a remote beach somewhere on the planet earth. 
At the same time, the drone will be picking up garbage from that area and mapping/ logging the surroundings for additional garbage.
The mapping system will allow for different areas to be tackled, until they are cleaned up enough. 

There are many more applications for such robotics, and they would facilitate ecological support and rapid restoration.

There might still seem to be many cost issues related to such undertakings, but if we can have over a billion cars worldwide, why not have a few million virtual reality robots as well?

To me is seems, that any and all products that are allowed on the markets, should have extensive beneficial effects on the collective wellbeing and our ecosystems, otherwise they are simply incomplete products.

The products we need more of today, should all incorporate the principles of circular economy and “cradle to grave” values, because without them, they only contribute to the grave, without taking in account, those still in the cradle…

– by Roald Boom