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The 2007-2008 economic recession got me curious, as why such an economic recession was still possible, after hundreds of years of finance and banking.

I did deep research, that led to even more research into many other components of our societal structures and industries, including the agriculture and food industry in general.

To my surprise, all of these industries were clearly corrupted to a massive degree!

This quickly led me to the research, and then the implementation of sustainable practices such as: permaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, composting, water management and beekeeping.

The implementation of these practices was a success, and quickly people started to come by and ask if I could teach them how to achieve similar results.

This led to the creation of URD Solution, an initiative aimed at empowering the local community, by taking back control and responsibility for their mental and physical health, by decentralizing many of the essential components of our lives and taking back responsibility and implementing regenerative agriculture practices, for the production of clean and healthy food, while at the same time, reducing, disease, expenses and detrimental environmental impacts.

URD Solution obviously implies that ‘You Are The Solution’ to the majority of the challenges facing us today on both the micro and macro level.

One of the most interesting of these solutions, is HYDROPONICS – the process of growing plants in a medium (other than soil), in water with dissolved nutrients.

To promote hydroponics, we became the local distributor of the Autopot watering systems, hydroponic nutrients and other hydroponic products.  

At our URD Solution workshops, we have taught hundreds of participants and students how they too can “be the change they want to see in the world,” through the application of practical and affordable technologies and innovations.

Amongst the many people that now grow their own plants using hydroponics, our initiatives have led to the only large commercial food production farm for vegetables on Bonaire – ‘Green Bonaire.’

At Pure36, we are now integrating technologies such a hydroponics into the homes we build, weaving them into our way of living, and setting new standards for the housing sector.

By aligning and integrating sustainable values and models at Pure36, we are encouraging systemic change and hope to motivate the unique and diverse qualities of people, to help metamorphose the global challenges we are confronted with. 

– by Roald Boom