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Business literally means to be busy.

It may be defined as one’s occupation or said to be to make ‘an honest’ living, but are most businesses really honest?

Another question we must ask is, is most business even necessary, let alone essential?
If business was really essential, would it not have just been called “essentialness”?

Many would say these questions are silly, but isn’t it time that we scrutinized some of the basics on which our businesses and their products are founded?

Also, is a product even a real product, if it doesn’t work?

Let’s start with a random product…

Let’s say I make a pair of shoes as a product, but you can’t even walk a few feet in them without damaging your ankles or getting blisters.
Is that a real product?
Sure, you can argue that the shoes may only be made for style, design or fashion, but you get my point…

Now, let’s take this a step further…
Is a product a real product, even if it DOES work, but is damaging to other things?

Let’s say I make a pair of shoes, and they walk great, but in the process of making them, I poison the rivers with waste products from the shoe factory.   
Is that a real product?
Sure, you can argue that the shoes may work well, but the damages outweigh the benefits.

So what makes a product a real product?

Well, that depends on our definition of ‘real.’

The way I am using the word ‘real’ in this context, should include terms such as: honest, intelligent, sustainable, integral, inclusive, holistic and morally responsible.

A real product should take into account the collective wellbeing, including all ecosystems.

But will that be enough, consider the damages that humans have done to the ecosystems?

Have we actually reached a point where the restorative values of a product must exceed their damaging effects, in order to recalibrate the balances?

Emerging terms such as “cradle-to-grave”, “blue economy” and “circular economy” embody these kinds of holistic values and integral principles.

To me it seems, that it‘s of no use to solve one problem, if that creates two new problems.

It certainly does not make any sense, to create a business or product, if those create more damaging effects, than they create harmony and wellbeing for the collective web of life…

So what makes a product a real product?

What makes a business a real business?

Isn’t it time, we look at what is essential in businesses and products?

Isn’t it time, we set new standards?

– by Roald Boom

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