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Over the years, I’ve experimented extensively with permaculture principles, in order to use sustainable ways to grow zero mile, pesticide & herbicide free food.

This led to the creation of URD Solution, an initiative aimed at empowering the local community, by taking back control and responsibility for their mental and

physical health, by decentralizing many of the essential components of our lives and taking back responsibility and implementing regenerative agriculture practices, for the production of clean and healthy food, while at the same time, reducing, disease, expenses and detrimental environmental impacts.

Permaculture is way of agriculture, that is holistic by integrating the very blueprints that nature has already provided.

By trusting natural ecosystems and allowing them to serve as our examples for modelling lasting holistic approaches, and by weaving ancient and emerging technologies, into cutting edge perspectives, we can create resilient and sustainable models for deep and lasting change.

At URD Solution we have taught hundreds of participants and students how they too can “be the change they want to see in the world,” through the application of practical and affordable technologies and innovations, reunifying all as the one symbiotic organism that is our living planet.

We have now integrated these permaculture principles, in our housing development at Pure36, where components such as edible garden designs, composting and water management systems, are inseparable components of these 36 smart homes.

The time has come that we no longer look over the fence to what our neighbors are doing, but to set the new standards ourselves.

At Pure36, we are living the changes, that we want to see in the world…

– by Roald Boom