Currently our construction schedule is fully booked until the end of 2022. There are only a few selected lots available for sale.
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The new way of living in harmony with nature. Sustainable living on Bonaire. It is possible at Pure36. In this all new concept called L.I.F.E (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy) we will show how it is possible to live as a community together with beautiful mother Nature and modern architecture.


Our fully Off-the-Grid Luxury Homes, each come with a battery based solar system, meaning you will never see another electricity bill again!


At Pure36 your home will come with an edible garden design. As opposed to widely applied ornamental gardens in most parts of the world, Pure 36 makes practical use of the space, water, energy and expenses that are associated with gardens. We do this by planting edible vegetation, such as wide variety of fruit trees and other edible or fruit bearing plants.


There is little rainfall on Bonaire and the production of clean drinking water is relatively expensive. This makes water management an essential part of sustainable living practices, especially in these dry arid climates.


At Pure36 rainwater is diverted from the roofs and terraces to the highest point possible on each lot. From there, the rainwater is carefully redirected from tree to tree throughout the food forest of each lot, before it finds its way off the lots into the Flamboyant Zones and from there into the Bona Bista rainwater catchment dams.


At Pure36 grey water is directly diverted from the showers and hand basins to larger fruit trees. We promote environmentally friendly soaps to be used to prevent adding toxic substances to the soil but instead serve as a fertilizers for the trees.


At Pure36 black water is captured in a 3 way septic tanks that go to Bonaire’s water purification plant.


At Pure36 we make use of the sun to heat up our water for showering and washing, through the use of solar water boilers.


One of the extra elements that Pure36 home owners can add to their home is a rainwater catchment tank.


One of the extra elements that Pure36 owners can add to there houses is a water filter. Filtering will purify the drinking water, which increases the quality.

“To become a successful entrepreneur you must have a high self imposed standard and you must stick to it. This is exactly what I learned from Roald Boom, founder of Bona Bista Island Estate. I admire his strong business sense and drive to demonstrate that a sustainable way of life is possible on the island of Bonaire.”

Danilo Christiaan, Manager Mangazina di Rei


At Pure 36 we encourage the use of many of the latest smart technologies on the market, making the homes more functional, efficient and durable.


Smart Lights are an optional element that can be installed in the quub homes for the management of the light ambience of your entire home, simply from your smart devices.


Smart alarms are an option that can be installed in our homes for the management of the security and oversight, simply from your smart devices.


Smart Locks are an option that can be installed in your home, giving instant customized access to your home, including insight of where, when, and by whom locks are being used to increase security and simplify access.

There is a name for people who manage

energy and resources intelligently

They’re called: ’SMART PEOPLE’