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The vision of Pure36 at Bona Bista is the concept of modern, minimalistic, luxury smart homes, that are pushing the boundaries of housing into a new way of life. These homes represent new frontiers, demonstrating the new way of life and serve as prototypes, that help motivate, both short and long term movements of deep, positive and lasting change.

We call the concept: L.I.F.E. (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy).

Like nature, the concept keeps evolving and changing along the way, adapting to the changes that come along.  


Living Intelligent with Water, Energy and Food is possible in this NEW WAY of LIVING at Pure36.
Here we present a new concept in which owners are part of a community who are encouraged to thinks about their own water, energy and food management. Our vision is that home owners will embrace as many intelligent sustainable practices as possible.


Below you will find an interactive map which will show the availability of the lots.


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