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Bona Bista is centrally located only minutes from the sea. Situated on 26 hectares of beautiful pristine hillsides, where tranquility, quality and sustainability are the foundation of this exquisite project.



Roald & Mireille are the initial creators and developers of Bona Bista Island Estate.

Together they introduced new ways of living, that facilitate the imperative changes that are needed, in our ways of housing, living and consuming.

At Pure36 they have set new standards by weaving, aligning and integrating, sustainable values and modern technologies into the concept, and setting new values that nurture our collective wellbeing.

Their goal is to keep pushing the boundaries and strive for more inclusive and holistic ways of living, by initiating systemic change, and by demonstrating that change through real life application.





Mireille is the Sales & Creative director at Bona Bista Island Resort B.V and the Interior stylist for the homes they build.



Roald is the director at Bona Bista Island Resort B.V, and the designer and builder of the infrastructure and homes they build.



The experience of the developers of Bona Bista Island Estate dates back to the eighties, as Roald’s father, has been responsible for developing over 3000 lots, in several high-quality infrastructure housing developments on Curacao, such as Juan Hato, Sapateer, Salina Harbour Views, Cas Grandi, Curasol Villa Park, Sun Valley and Sunset Heights.

His father is also the creator and initiator of famous developments like Blue Bay Golf Resort and Hotel Kura Hulanda.

Mireille worked in sales for real estate in Southern Spain for many years, and this led Roald & Mireille into real estate ventures, including several years of buying, restoring, building and selling real estate, including owning their own Real Estate & Interior Design company.

When the housing bubble in Spain popped, they moved to the Caribbean, where they started the qualitative housing development – Bona Bista Island Estate.


The first phase

Roald, Mireille and their two sons moved to Bonaire, from southern Spain, to develop Bona Bista Island Estate, and they developed the infrastructure of the first 84 lots, and started building houses.



In January 2010 Bonaire has become a part of the Netherlands. This has a great impact on the real estate market and the economy of the island. Especially for the Dutch citizens there are great benefits to invest in Bonaire's housing market.


Fast growth

Bona Bista Island Estate is the fastest growing project Bonaire has ever seen. Despite the economic crisis worldwide, Bona Bista Island Estate is booming. In the last 10 years of developing from the 84 lots, only 15 lots were still available.



It is time for a second phase, new ideas and a total NEW WAY of LIVING is introduced with Pure36. Sustainable, modern and timeless architecture is introduced with all the smart technology, solar solutions and water management to complete this new phase of 36 new living spaces.


Below you will find a collection of the Bona Bista Island Estate projects.




At Bona Bista we are aware of the changes that have to be made in our old way of using energy and resources. With more than 7 billion people on the planet it is a necessity to live in balance with our environment. Bonaire is an island with lots of untapped energy resources and technological opportunities. That’s why at Pure36 we’ve developed the concept called L.I.F.E. (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy).


84 lots of the highest quality infrastructure, situated next to the nature reserve of Seru Largu.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a lot and build your dream home.