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Pure36 is the 2nd phase of Bona Bista Island Estate and consists of 36 modern, minimalistic, luxury smart homes, that are pushing the boundaries of housing into a new way of life. These smart homes represent new frontiers, demonstrating the new way of life and serve as prototypes, that help motivate, both short and long term movements of deep, positive and lasting change.

We call the concept: L.I.F.E. (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy).


In January of 2019, sales at Pure36 have commenced and the construction of the first of these amazing homes has begun. All 36 homes are integrated with many sustainable components, such as: sustainably designed for energy efficiency and environmental optimization, sustainable and durable construction materials, 100% solar/battery powered, solar water heating, rain- grey and black water management, edible garden design (Permaculture principles), centralized community composting and smart technologies. (smart solar, smart lights, smart alarms, smart locks, etc)


These 36 homes are the most innovative and sustainable homes ever build on Bonaire, and stimulate inclusivity and integration of both ancient wisdom and modern technologies, into a synthesis that pushes the boundaries of innovation and stimulates our community of global change makers to nurture the collective wellbeing.

At Pure36 we are pushing the boundaries of innovation, by motivating cutting edge perspectives and implementing alternative ways of living, stimulating the creation of new and practical templates, for essential solutions to the global imperative that we are facing as a planet.

By aligning and integrating sustainable values and models at Pure36, we are encouraging systemic change and hope to motivate the unique and diverse qualities of people, to help metamorphose the global challenges we are confronted with.


It is essential that humanity moves beyond the outdated models of the industrial era of exploitation of our natural resources at the expense of the whole and evolves into sustainable and restorative models of regenerative abundance.

These much needed societal systemic changes are all possible, given the fact that, in the duality construct that is our existence, all polarities are born simultaneously, thus both the problem and the solution is always here.

The competitive model of greed and shortage is outdated and it is time to set our creative ideas free into the fertile soil of human ingenuity.

At Pure36 we are:
– composting the old models into new organic soil,
– helping to plant the seeds for innovation, and;
– watering both, by “being the change that we want to see…”