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According to statistics, we have 7 billion people on earth and to safeguard ecology and maintain the quality of life on this planet, we’ll need to make many fundamental changes, and we need to do so fast!

I don’t travel that often, but when I do, I notice the number of people traveling for what I call, insignificant reasons.
People are getting on planes, for reasons that DO NOT justify the ecological expenses, at which they come.

People are visiting family across country and international borders, for short visits to family, fairs, business conventions and many more trivial events.
Whole sport teams can found traversing airports for competitive events.

It’s not just jet fuel we are burning up, but in the travelling process, a whole range of detrimental impacts on our environment are unleashed.

So how can we reduce these ecological impacts?
What can we do to alleviate the pressures of indiscriminate consumerism?   

I’ve noticed that there is already a group of people that are less prone to such behavior – gamers!

Ask a fanatic gamer to join you for a short trip out of town and they are most likely to say no…
They’d rather stay at home and engage in their virtual reality gaming world.

We can make all kinds of arguments on this gamer topic, but I will leave the debates on this subject for another time.

What we can say for sure, is that virtual reality, is a LOW IMPACT way of engaging in activity.

On the ‘Black Mirror’ Netflix series, there are several episodes that portray the use of advanced virtual reality technologies, where people engage in very realistic experiences, through virtual reality.

What if we could visit hundreds of virtual worlds, without leaving the comfort of our homes?

People could choose between virtually visiting all kinds of realistic worldly locations or completely imagined worlds.

Sure, we’d still need a good protocol for getting a regular amount physical exercise, and make sure we keep eating healthy foods, but imagine the decrease of high impact/ low importance behaviors, across the board…

These technologies can even boost our sensory input, to levels unmatchable by ‘real life experience,’ the so called augmented reality, and thus making virtual reality even more favorable.    

Sure, this may be a topic of great controversy, but the current path of ecological destruction is one of such importance, that we should at least consider the possibilities.
After all, it may well be one of the most practical solutions, to keeping our planet’s biodiversity alive, even if that comes at the cost of keeping humans only virtually alive…

by Roald Boom