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Last Friday I visited Bonaire’s Blue Destination conference…

They are now in their second year.
Bonaire is the first official blue destination in the world, and thus leading the way to more sustainable or ‘blue economy’.

The Blue Destination concept focusses on the sustainability of our oceans and the synergy between nature, economy and culture.

The Blue Destination concept, is derived from the blue economy, which encourages better stewardship of the earth’s oceans and her blue resources.
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At Pure36, we are being ‘Blue’ in many ways…

Our smart homes are integrated with many sustainable components, such as:
– sustainably designed for energy efficiency and environmental optimization,
– sustainable and durable construction materials,
– 100% solar/battery powered,
– solar water heating,
– rain- grey and black water management,
– organic, no-till, edible garden design (Permaculture principles),
– centralized community composting for regenerative soil ecology,
– smart technologies. (smart solar, smart lights, smart alarms, smart locks, etc)

We call the concept: L.I.F.E. (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy).

By aligning and integrating sustainable values and models at Pure36, we are encouraging systemic change and hope to motivate the unique and diverse qualities of people, to help metamorphose the global challenges we are confronted with, and support a blue way of life…

– by Roald Boom

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