Build on Bonaire

For many people it is a dream come true to be able to build a second House on Bonaire in the Caribbean. Because in 2010 Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands is an ideal island for Dutchmen to settle here. The idea to build a second House on Bonaire or itself to emigration thinking often comes after a vacation on our beautiful and laid back island.
When you return in the Netherlands starts to own a House on Bonaire idea yet a wonderful idea and you start considering buying or building a House on Bonaire. If the choice falls on building a House on Bonaire then the choice soon on Bona Bista Island Estate. Bona Bista is a qualitative project with a private gateway and we can arrange for you the process of building a very pleasant adventure make on Bonaire.
You are at Bona Bista Island Estate on the right choice if you want to build on Bonaire.

Own home build on Bonaire

Build a private home on Bonaire can be quite a challenge from Netherlands. Bona Bista Island Estate wants to build on Bonaire for you a pleasant experience and one without worry. We accompany you during the process of building on Bonaire and keep you closely involved in building on Bonaire. Within the time of approximately 12 months will your dream of living in a private home on Bonaire a reality.