Our Luxury Smart Homes are the most innovative and sustainable homes ever build on Bonaire. We called the concept L.I.F.E. (Living Intelligently with Food and Energy).


Living Intelligent with Energy and Food is possible in our NEW WAY of LIVING on Pure36 at Bona Bista Island Estate. Here we present a new concept in which you as owner are part of a community that thinks about its own water and energy management. Our vision on living together intelligently with sustainable practices.

the quub

Here you will find the home of the future. Minimalistic designed living spaces with the latest smart and sustainable technologies implemented. Your own luxury smart home on Bonaire. Through our “designer Menu” you and our designer team can make your own Luxury Smart Home a reality.


At Pure36 you start off by choosing your Pure Lot. Below you will find an interactive map which will show the availability and sizes of the Pure lots. When you have chosen your favorite lot we will then go to the designer menu were we start designing your Luxury Smart quub Home.


quub series