The climate and weather on Bonaire plays a large role in the purchase of real-estate in the Caribbean. In addition, it is a small town on a little piece of paradise. The living environment and life is stress free. The days are sunny and one has less than the stress of the western academic life.
The reisverbinding is a direct daily flight of different companies such as TUI and KLM, the distance easier and smaller.
Since 2010, Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands and, for example, the health care and the regulations, mostly to Dutch laws will be amended. This means that the soon as feel at home.

BONA BISTA is a family business with two generations of experience with subdivision projects in the Antilles. Mainly Curaçao and Bonaire.
BONA BISTA is a unique subdivision project and is located in the heart of Bonaire. A three minutes away from the beautiful turquoise sea and beaches of Bonaire. It offers a hilly landscape with views on the beautiful surrounding nature and some of the plot, sea view.
The infrastructure of BONA BISTA is of very high quality. Also the construction of our designed homes are obviously of very high quality. It will try as much as possible to take into account the climate and natural design and architecture of the houses.

On BONA BISTA, all lots owned ground.
On Bonaire are a lot of plots leasehold lots and the value thereof is obviously lower than property, since leasehold land is never completely of you will be.
Hence, the property lots on Bona Bista a higher value.

The procedure of buying a lot at BONA BISTA is not a whole lot different than a land buy in Netherlands

You have a lot in BONA BISTA picked out and you're so far to the lot to buy.

BONA BISTA proposes the Purchase agreement & Welstandsbepalingen. After it is signed by both parties, we will a copy of this to the notary of your choice to issue Bonaire.

The relevant civil law notary does a cadastral, mortgage and titelonderzoek to ensure that your purchase is not burdened with attachments and/or mortgages.

You will get a concept of deed and settlement statement is sent to the notary, and as soon as the funds on the escrow account of the notary is received, an appointment will be made to the deed of conveyance to be signed.

The whole process may within a month to complete.
BONA BISTA will accompany you naturally like to throughout the process.

To build a house at Bona Bista, we have Welstandsbepalingen prepared. Listed here the condition that you must meet in order to be able to build on your lot.

The welstandsbepalingen should make the residential area a beautiful area to maintain.

If you welstandsbepalingen would like to read, please feel free to contact us at:

You are going to have your dream home build and we would love to be a part of. This should be a fantastic experience, and we understand that you can't always.
That's why we take this task like us.
We are experienced with the building of the most beautiful houses on BONA BISTA, and accompany this with the most careful attention and will keep you informed with e-mail, telephone traffic and photos.
This way you feel every day. We handle all the affairs of this Bonaire for you until the key is in your hand to the door of your dream house to open.
This allows you to enjoy your beautiful dream home.

Some people have a very good picture of how their dream home should look like. The design, the colors and the décor is already quite clear. It is a lot to buy and build absolutely a good choice.
If you don't have a clear image of your dream home, BONA BISTA you the ability along with us around the drawing table to sit down, which we further advise or in any of our model homes to visit.
We have dozens of different designs and of course we always consider your wishes and ideas.

The design of your house will be approx 2 months and then we will have your building permit applications.
The building of a house at BONA BISTA cost then approx 10 months, depending on the total area and the detail in the finish of your home.

BONA BISTA has an HOA that is responsible for the maintenance of the common grounds in the residential area to hear, namely: the roads, the sports field and the playground.
Each lot pays a monthly membership fee of USD 40 per month.

This membership fee is for the maintenance of the common grounds/roads/pavements, the electricity of the public street lighting, the electric gate and future major maintenance.

Benefits of this OWNER'S ASSOCIATION that you together with the other inhabitants of BONA BISTA can keep the project in the Nice condition as you found it when buying in this beautiful project.

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