The small island of Bonaire, (a prime area) in the southern Caribbean is known for its more than 80 dive sites. It is also recognized for its efforts in the area of conservation of the marine environment.

Just like Curaçao, Bonaire is a lively mix of different cultures. These are especially evident in the dances of the islands, the local simedan and bari to the European waltz, polka and mazurka. The nearby Caribbean islands will be represented by the rumba, carioca, and merengue. Even American jazz is popular on the island.

This is also true for the cuisine of the island. Since the country of Bonaire are not fertile enough to grow crops, a major part of the food supply from other countries in the Caribbean and in the United States and Europe. So it's no surprise that Bonaire is a culinary paradise. In fact, the cooks of the island consistent winners in the prestigious Caribbean culinary competition.

The many scenic spots and the friendliness of the people make Bonaire to one of the best places in the Netherlands Antilles to property to buy. Two of the most successful and sought-after neighborhoods are Belnem and punt Vierkant, which are both luxurious villas have to offer.

The current trend is the development of neighborhoods with reasonably priced houses and lands. Brokers convince investors that they can make money for themselves could earn if they their house to their visitors rent. Such a situation would also generate income for Bonaire.


Kralendijk Bonaire

Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, is a quaint harbor town with beautiful beaches and pastel-colored stucwerkhuizen and buildings. It is the administrative and commercial centre of the island, with government and office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars and duty free shops.

Kralendijk has a small museum and a number of historic buildings and restored homes that date back to the 18th and 19th century along Kaya Grande Street. The main street is also famous for shopping.

The city is known for its Marine Park, which is not only a stunning pink beaches to swim in, but also the visitors have an opportunity to graceful flamingos.

A popular diving and snorkeling just off the coast of Kralendijk is the undeveloped island of Klein Bonaire.


The peaceful and exclusive neighbourhood of Belnem offers elegant villas on the ocean. Belnem is located just south of the international airport of Flamingo, just a few minutes ' drive from Kralendijk, the capital of the island.


Punt Vierkant

Point Square is a popular residential area, situated on the most northern point of the double koraalrifcomplex from Playa Kalki. It is home to a great dive site with an abundance of hoornkoraalkolonies from the Canal and the Canal Horn in a shallow shelf at the buoy, the pier marks.

The Lighthouse Beach Resort is a well-known landmark and popular place to stay on the island. The beach is the usual access point for scuba diving.

Sabadeco / Santa Barbara

Sabadeco is an upscale residential area on the island of Bonaire, with 174 acres of land, including hills and coastline. It was originally intended to Santa Barbara Crowns to be called, but was known under the abbreviation of its developer, the Santa Barbara Development Company.

In Sabadeco are six subdivisions completed: Crown Shores, Crown Villas, Crown Court, Crown Keys, Crown Terrace and Crown Ridges. Currently being developed Crown West, extra mansions for Crown Ridges and bungalows for Crown Park.

Sabadeco is probably the only subdivision in Bonaire with lighted streets and access roads, and underground facilities for electricity, water, telephone and cable.

Sabedeco is located just 10 minutes from Kralendijk and 15 minutes from Flamingo International Airport.


The residential development of Bahia is located a few minutes away from the Caribbean Sea. It has 8 luxury detached villas, 12 semi-detached family homes and 60 apartments with views of the waterfront.

The villas have spacious living rooms and three bedrooms. Each accommodation has a private pool, a jetty and a garage for 2 cars. All units are fully furnished.


Rincon is the oldest village of Bonaire, and perhaps the most vibrant of the many local festivals are celebrated.

It is said that Rincon is a festival for everything, from the harvest festival Simadan to festivals in honor of St. John and St. Peter Dia di Rincon, which is the foundation of the city commemorates. Even days have their own little celebrations.

Playa French

Playa Frans is a private community of fishermen along the west coast of Bonaire. Other than commercial fishermen in other areas that large nets and long lines to use the fishermen of Playa French traditional handlijnen to big fish to catch.

Goto More

The lake Goto meer is a popular area for bird watching in Bonaire. Abundant population of pink flamingos come here to feed themselves with shrimp. Here you can also find other exotic bird species.

Alta Mira

Alta Mira is a picturesque place in the vicinity of Goto More, often missed by both locals and tourists.

It has walls and stone benches where one could just sit and enjoy a panoramic view on the windwaartse and the luwe sides of the island while it is being refreshed by the trade winds.


Sorobon is located in the east of Bonaire, towards Lac Bay. The beach is famous for windsurfing and offers local and international windsurfwedstrijden.

Since the waters of this area is shallow and the wind at the coast blows, it is an ideal and safe location for beginners to boating to learn.

Sorobon Beach Resort

Sorobon Beach Resort is a naturistenresort, so don't be surprised if you naaktzwemmers on the beach looks. The shallow bay is surrounded by a barrier, making it a perfect place for swimming, windsurfing and snorkeling.

It is part of a nature reserve that is protected by the UN Ramsar convention. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly, with solar energy and solid waste, and wastewater treatment plants. Construction around the bay is not allowed to the native life of plants and animals, not to disturb.

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