Lot Buy Bonaire

Buy land on Bonaire is not as difficult as you might think. Bonaire is a part of the BES Islands and a special municipality of Netherlands.

What can buy land on Bonaire mean for you?

Bonaire is a great island to reside on. So can buy land on Bonaire can, In addition to the fun what you will have, a very good investment for the future.
You can buy a lot on Bonaire at Bona Bista Island Estate with or without construction duty. This means that you can let the lot vacant for a certain time by your until you are ready to build a dream home.

Vacant lots by selling

There is also the possibility to resell the lot vacant when it suits you, There the land prices for lots on Bonaire are becoming more expensive to becoming.

If you do decide to take the construction duty and build immediately, Bona Bista can help you.
Currently, there are different models of houses on Bona Bista who designed and built by our team of skilled professionals. A House on a lot on Bonaire meant a great investment.

Lot and buy House on Bonaire

The island has a lot to offer. Sea, Beach and beautiful nature. If investment is a lot and House of course the optimal option. We are gladly to help you with all questions concerning land and buy House on Bonaire. Why would you not consider staying in a piece of paradise on Bonaire to invest? Maybe to stay here permanently to. Maybe a second home where you can enjoy all the fun and rest? Whatever you choice may be about a land buy on Bonaire, It is one of the best investments you will make in your life. Bona Bista hopes you in this important decision to advise and guide you to achieving dream.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.