Plot Bonaire

For many people, a private lot on Bonaire a true dream. Build your own home on land on Bonaire can be a challenge, that is why we make it easy for you here on Bona Bista.

Moreover, it appears that after a day of many existing homes one often finds that land on Bonaire is the best way to realize their dream home.

So don't wait any longer and buy a plot on Bona Bista.

Bona Bista Island Estate

Bona Bista Island Estate is one of the largest developers on Bonaire. We offer you a selection of beautifully located lots. The lots on Bona Bista are located in the heart of Bonaire and often views the rural nature and often also on the Caribbean Sea.

The distance from you lot on Bonaire to the nearest beach is only three minutes. An evening to the Centre of kralendijk? Within five minutes you are there. So, What are the options on Bona Bista for you?

Own home designs on the lot

You can own a home designs on the lot. Once your property has been transferred Bona Bista on land at the notary, You can get started with the build you dream home.

If you are going to build with us, We help you design your dream home. We have a multiple models built and most owners who have built their home by us, like their home to let you see to get an idea what you can expect when you buy land on Bonaire by Bona Bista and build your home by us.

At the Office we have many more designs to choose from. Otherwise we can combine parts that you like, redesign or a complete new design to achieve your tropical dream home according to your wishes.